Award-Winning Shrimpers

Ryan Cresswell and Sean Clohessy were selected for the PFA League Two team of the year last night. Here is a timely reminder of those Shrimpers who have won the clubs’ Player of the Year award and also been honoured by their fellow professionals.


Five defenders have won the last five awards. The breakdown by position is: Defenders (19), Midfielders (14), Forwards (11), Keepers (5).

Ronnie Pountney (3), Billy Best (2) and Kevin Maher (2) are the only players to win the award more than once.

Season Player of The Year Season Player of The Year
1965/66 Tony Bentley 1989/90 Paul Sansome
1966/67 Trevor Roberts 1990/91 Peter Butler
1967/68 Billy Best 1991/92 Brett Angell
1968/69 John Kurila 1992/93 Stan Collymore
1969/70 Billy Best 1993/94 Chris Powell
1970/71 Alex Smith 1994/95 Ronnie Whelan
1971/72 Brian Albeson & Bill Garner 1995/96 Simon Royce
1972/73 Terry Johnson 1996/97 Keith Dublin
1973/74 Chris Guthrie 1997/98 Julian Hails
1974/75 Alan Moody 1998/99 Mark Beard
1975/76 Alan Little 1999/00 Nathan Jones
1976/77 Andy Ford 2000/01 Kevin Maher
1977/78 Colin Morris 2001/02 Daryl Flahavan
1978/79 Ronnie Pountney 2002/03 Leon Cort
1979/80 Ronnie Pountney 2003/04 Mark Gower
1980/81 Derek Spence 2004/05 Adam Barrett
1981/82 Dave Cusack 2005/06 Freddy Eastwood
1982/83 Ronnie Pountney 2006/07 Kevin Maher
1983/84 Micky Stead 2007/08 Nicky Bailey
1984/85 Steve Phillips 2008/09 Peter Clarke
1985/86 Richard Cadette 2009/10 Simon Francis
1986/87 Jim Stannard 2010/11 Chris Barker
1987/88 Dave Martin 2011/12 Mark Phillips
1988/89 David Crown 2012/13 Sean Clohessy


The PFA Awards were first awarded at the end of the 1973/4 season. Here are the Southend United players that were selected for their respective divisional teams.

Sean Clohessy and Ryan Cresswell join only Andy Ford (1976/7) and Richard Cadette (1985/6) to be nominated from a non-promotion winning side.

1976/77 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 Andy Ford
1980/81 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 Mervyn Cawston, Dave Cusack, Anton Otulakowski, Derek Spence
1985/86 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 Richard Cadette
1986/87 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 Richard Cadette and Jim Stannard
1989/90 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 David Crown
1990/91 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  Brett Angell
2004/05 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2 Adam Barrett, Kevin Maher
2005/06 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1 Adam Barrett, Kevin Maher, Daryl Flahavan
2012/13 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2 Sean Clohessy and Ryan Cresswell