A Flanders Field (KSV Roeselare)

The West Flanders city of Roeselare has, unsurprisingly for Belgium, a somewhat convoluted footballing history. Football in the city dates to 1900 with the formation of a club called De Verenigde Vrienden (The United Friends), which soon became Red Star Roeselare and later still adopting the French name of Union Sportive Roulers. By 1909 however they had folded. Two more town clubs, SK Roeselare and FC Roeselare, one catholic and one non-catholic, then briefly formed before disbanding during the war.

The modern day club can date its formation very precisely to July 20th 1921, thanks to the wonderful Belgian matricule system of recording football clubs. The new club, SK Roeselare, were awarded matricule number 134, a number they still keep today in spite of a 1999 merger with KFC Roeselare.

The merger was a resounding success, driving KSV Roeselare to the Pro League in 2005, the first time a club from the city had attained such lofty heights. For the 2006/07 season, UEFA Cup football came to Roeselare and the Macedonian side Vardar Skopje were beaten in the first round before Roeselare were defeated 6-2 on aggregate by Ethnikos Achnas.

Roeselare’s spell in the top flight ended in 2009/10 when they were relegated with a financially collapsed Mouscron. They have competed in the second tier ever since.

The Schierveldestadion is an impressive arena, a large main stand with a bar underneath, covered seating in a large end stand, and a small covered terrace on the far side with seating at one end for visiting fans. There is a curved open terrace at the far with some impressively tall floodlights. The name of the ground is taken from the name of the neighbourhood and does not have a literal translation, although velde means field in the Dutch language. The stadium’s capacity of 8,836 is not challenged tonight as a crowd of under 2,000 gather for this early evening kick off.

It is the visitors, Sint-Truiden, that seize the early initiative and the very impressive Joeri Dequevi nets with aplomb in the 10th minute for the team lying in third place in the table. To their credit the mid-table home side square the scores just four minutes after falling behind when the lively De Rechter equalises. A half-time substitution sees Bram Vandenbussche introduced to the fray and what an impression he makes giving KSV the lead on 50 minutes with a thundering header. The home side begin to dominate proceedings but cannot extend their lead and gradually the visitors get back into the game. Eight minutes from time they have the chance to level the scores again when Borry makes an injudicious challenge inside his own area. Mohamed Aoulad steps up to take the spot kick but the home keeper Gilles Lentz adds to his already outstanding performance with a full length diving stop. The visitors pressurise the Roeselare defence and get their reward in the last minute when Dequevi again demonstrates his clinical finishing when given a chance.

One can but hope that the glory days of Pro League football will not be long in returning to the Schierveldestadion.


Belgacom League Division 2 (Sunday 15/09/2013)

KSV Roeselare (1) 2 (De Rechter 14, Vandenbussche 50)

K.Sint-Truiden (1) 2 (Dequevi 10, 90)

Attendance: 1,680 (at the Schierveldestadion)


1. Gilles Lentz; 2. Yannick Euvrard; 27. Pietro Perdichizzi; 14. Sergiy Serebrennikov (c); 3. Petar Bojovic; 6. Massis Vosanian; 19. Giovanni Delannoy; 15. Kjetil Borry; 33. Dieter Van Tornhout; 10. Sven De Rechter; 20. Anthony Di Lallo.

Subs: 4. Cedric Guiro (for 14, 39 mins); 5. Romain Haghedooren (for 6, 74 mins); 11. Nils Sarrazyn; 12. Louis Bostyn; 21. Bram Vandenbussche (for 3, 46 mins); 25. Yohan Boli; 26. Thom Dorian Mpoto.


13. Laurent Henkinet; 3. Naim Aarab; 4. Ivo Rossen (c); 7. Gregory Dufer; 8. Guy Dufour; 14. Dimitri Daeseleire; 19. Yvan Erichot; 21. Mathias Schils; 24. Giel Deferm; 10. Lauri Dalla Valle; 11. Joeri Dequevi.

Subs: 2. Gonzalo Busto; 12. Timo Cauwenberg; 18. Guillermo Mendez (for 7, 59 mins); 20. Mohamed Aouland (for 3, 52 mins); 22. Edmilson (for 8, 75 mins); 25. Lennart Ghijsens; 27. Erivelton.

Yellow Cards: Borry, Van Tornhout, Borry (KSV); Aarab, Rossen, Dalla Valle (St.Truiden).









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