Footballing adventures in (mainly) foreign fields. Come with me why don’t you.

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    • Hi Peter, sorry to contact you this way but I cannot find any other link to do so. Today I have purchased an old football turnstile brass metal plate/ sign for Bailey Albion Works Patricroft. I was hoping you may have some info about it and whether I can sell it on somewhere? many thanks

      • Hi Brendan, the plates themselves are not worth a huge amount of money unless perhaps it has provenance of what ground it came from. Complete turnstiles sell for £800 to £1,000 but plates without provenance appear on auction sites for £20 to £30

      • hi, thanks. this plate was attached to a turnstile at Griffin Park, Brentford fc old demolished ground which i have found out doing some research. A whole turnstile sold on ebay where a similar plate was attached. I think this dates to 1904 when the turnstile was made and installed by WH Bailey. Have listed on ebay to see if any interest . thanks

  1. are you using a WordPress blogroll widget or plugin? If so, that probably only allows you to link to other WordPress blogs! No worries anyway, I’ll still list you on ours. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Peter

    Sorry to contact you via this site but could you let me have some info. It’s not something that a Southend fan wants reminding about but do you know what the attendance was at the Sheffield Wednesday v Southend match in April 1976?



  3. Peter

    Belated thanks for the attendance information and congratulations on your website. At the moment me and my son travel all over the West Country taking in new non-League grounds (and eating too many pasties). When I can get at my pension I’ll probably be going further afield.

    I’m putting together a book of old interviews with former footballers. One of these spent the 1953-54 season at Southend – Tommy Lowder. I’d really like to include one or two action photos from Tommy’s time at Southend. Can you help?



  4. Hi Peter,
    Have just read your excellent article in Football Weekends & am contacting you to register my interest in a future Serbian, or any other mainland Europe, Groundhop you may organise in the future.
    I know it says follow you on twitter for any news on this but I am a rare breed in that I do not use any social media at all and I have found your / this website which I thought I would try and contact you through instead!


  5. Hi Peter, we’re doing a piece on a few clubs that have disappeared in the next issue of When Saturday Comes and were wondering if you’d have any pics of Leyton FC and Horwich RMI as well as the Rossendale pics I spotted on your site?

    Many thanks,

    Joern Kroeger, Art Editor, WSC

  6. Hi Peter,
    I run a South Shields FC fansite, would I be able to use one of your images of Frenchfield Park Penrith in a match preview article on my site? I’m more than happy to credit you and link back to your site.

  7. Hi Peter,
    I’ve written a book titled All Aboard the Bradford Train – funnily enough about Bradford City and trains. Stumbled across your website and your pictures from FC Sobemai caught my eye – intriguing, interesting and amusing and would like to somehow work them into my narrative – not sure if it’ll work so not guarantees but if it does could I use your images with appropriate acknowledgement/credit.

  8. Peter, I’m a publisher of small books on things most readers aren’t interested in. My latest on the stocks is by Jack Rollin, on Chelmsford City’s brief and glorious 1938-1940 period. Your two pix of New Whittle Street would look good in the book, and (if Jack agrees of course) I’d like to include your piece about the ground and the old boy you met. Under your name of course. Regards, Tony

  9. Many thanks Peter; I’ll pass on your reply to Jack. I’m a couple of months away from publication and will send you a copy then. if you house number is 12 squared and your postcode ends in EX then I find you are on my list already. Otherwise please email me your address to soccerdata@gmail.com

  10. Great stuff, and some really good photos in there. I’ve put a link on my own blog – I don’t expect you to reciprocate as my blog’s a weird of mix of football stadia and music, but in case you fancy a read, there’s a link attached.


  11. Hi,

    This is Harvey and I am contacting you on behalf of Media Top, online media agency.

    I came across your website and would be interested in collaborating with you, in exchange for a set fee, to write and post an article on your site https://peterrmiles.wordpress.com. The written piece will follow the same style and layout to other articles on your site and be an added value.

    Please let me know if this is of interest to you and I will be able to send you more information.

    Hoping to hear your positive response.


  12. I just came across your blog. I live over in the Colonies and love all types of sport, What I love the most are the grounds, pitches and stadia that host the competitions and the people that support those teams. Although I do not travel much, I have been able to attend sporting matches in Jamaica (Soccer football and the Foreman-Frazier boxing match, Australia (Aussie Rules in Geelong and at the MCG), and Germany (Aachen FC in 1992). I enjoy attending Minor League (lower level professional leagues) baseball games here in the United States as the venues are intimate, the ballparks are unique and it is quite affordable. I find that attending sporting matches are a great way to meet locals and have a fun day.

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