Football Art by Fantasista

Some Instagram highlights from the brilliant Fantasista exhibition at the Cello Factory, July 11th – 14th 2013.

Art by @FantasistaArt Instagrams by @peterrmiles

Scarves – by Savile Rogue (@SavileRogue)

Picture 125

Protest Shirts – by Quiet British Accent (@QuietBritAcc)

Picture 117

Rooney – by Richard Swarbrick (@RikkiLeaks)

Picture 123

Cristiano Ronaldo – by Richard Swarbrick

Picture 147

Bale – by Richard Swarbrick

Picture 119

Messi – from an animation by Richard Swarbrick

Picture 114

Muller – by Zoran Lucić (@zoranlucic)

Picture 122

Pele – by Dave Merrell (@davemerrell)

Picture 140

Zidane – by Dave Merrell

Picture 124

Catenaccio – by Steve Welsh (@miniboro_dotcom)


Maine Road – by Steve Welsh

Picture 127

Highbury – by Steve Welsh

Picture 128

Pirlo – by Stanley Chow (@stan_chow)

Picture 143

Socrates – by Stanley Chow

Picture 144


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