Worst Shrimper Poll

A tweet about one time worthless loanee Jabo Ibhere moving to our county rivals lead to a mass discussion about the wretched and undeserving footballers who had pulled on a hallowed Blues shirt. This lead to a hasty poll conducted on the Friday evening. The ire and rancour that some supporters hold players in was most entertaining!

Sample Tweets:

“Gordon Connelly – The anti-footballer!”

“Nuts, forgot about the N’Diaye’s!”

“Dubbers was awful”

“Ricketts not being in the top 5 is a travesty”

“Jedi Buffoon”

“You fools, Big Bad Barry Conlon by far the worst player in an SUFC shirt”

“Benji! What kind of mental people have been voting?”

“Blair isn’t even the worst managers son to play for us”

“This game is depressing me”

Voters were asked for their worst five in descending order, 1st place being awarded five points and 2nd four points and so on. Poll closed at 9pm and votes calculated and sorted on the the following ranks:

1) Total points accumaulated

2) Number of votes accrued

3) Number of maximum scores accrued

This ensured the minimisation of mass ties. Four voters only voted for their worst player so these were given the top mark of five. One voter voted for one player (Gordon Connelly) in all five rankings scoring 15 points and slightly skewing the final result.

The Final Scores

1 Chris Ramsey 39
2 Richard Young 19
3 Gordon Connelly 18
4 Eric Steele 17
5 Blair Sturrock 15
6 Sada N’Diaye 15
7 Jeroen Boere 11
8 Peter Gilbert 10
9 Rio Alderton 10
10 Steve Hatter 10
11 Jason Harris 9
12 Michael Ricketts 8
13 Mark Prudhoe 8
14 Mario Walsh 7
15 Ian Benjamin 7
16 Carl Emberson 6
17 Neville Roach 6
18 Dean Holness 6
19 Neville Southall 6
20 Gary Jones 5
21= Allasane N’Diaye 5
  Elliot Benyon 5
  George Parris 5
  Keith Dublin 5
  Mike Angus 5
  Peter Beadle 5
  Simon Livett 5
  Tommy Black 5
29 Trevor Whymark 4
30= Andy Harris 4
  Jean-Yves Mvoto 4
  Jim Stannard 4
  Lewis Hunt 4
  Luke Prosser 4
  Marek Szmid 4
  Tom Jordan 4
  Trevor Fitzpatrick 4
38= Andy Thomson 3
  Damien Scannell 3
  Dominic Iorfa 3
  Ian Joyce 3
  Ian Selley 3
  Scott Vernon 3
  Tony Richards 3
45= Barry Conlon 2
  Danny Maye 2
  David Roche 2
  Richie Foran 2
49= Barrington Belgrave 1
  Carl Beeston  1
  Danny Webb 1
  Francisco Cagigao 1
  Jabo Ibehre 1
  Louis Soares 1
  Neil Tolson 1
  Paul Roberts 1
  Phil Whelan 1
  Rob Newman 1

A bit of fun I am sure will agree, lets get behind the current crop and as always “Forza Azzuri!”

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