Mid Wales League Groundhop 2012 – Part 2

Tywyn/Bryncrug Fc – Bench seating for spectators, come on was there no thought for sightlines?


Some Bara Brith, oh go on then


Time for the team changes

Meanwhile Bella the Sharpay is less than impressed with Bow Street’s performance

 Tywyn/Bryncrug FC


Match poster for Aberdyfi 6 Bont 5 at Penhros Field, a remarkable game, the home side coming back from 0-4 down to win with the last kick of the game (Att:324)


Aberdyfi FC


Aberdyfi FC, spectator seating or giant dug outs?


Machynlleth’s nod to Archibald Leitch’s classic gable


Machynlleth 0 Kerry 4, at their homely Cae Glas ground (Att:347)


WelshpoolTown 3 LlansantffraidVillage 5 (Att:211) at Maes-y-Dre


I wonder what Wynn Owen would say of Town’s demise since he laid this stone in Dec 1953


When watching Welshpool it would be rude not to pop in to the adjacent ground of Waterloo Rovers


Dolgellau Atheltic 2 Carno 1 (Att:206). The big cover at Cae Marian providing solice from incessant rain


A man who…lives his life without shoes


Dyffryn Banw’s picturesque but basic Cae Morfa ground is still a step up from their previous field behind the school.


Dyffryn Banw 2 Builth Wells 3 (Att:181). Hardy souls that made it to the end! 11 games and a mammoth 69 goals witnessed.


Mid Wales League Groundhop 2012 – Part 1

Llanfair United 4 Abermule 1 (Att:261)

The brand new Ivor Owen stand is unveiled at Mount Field

Llanfair United

The superb stand at the Racecourse Ground home of Mid Wales (South) League side Penybont, 8-1 victors over a hapless St.Harmon (Att:257)

Farm building pressed into action as a makeshift kitchen

You got to say thats a tempting raffle

Bauhaus Movement meets rural Radnorshire as Radnor Valley lose 2-3 at home to Newcastle at their School Lane ground (Att:212)

Radnor Valley FC – Mid Wales (South) League

The beef stew beats the usual football fare of burgers and hot dogs

All roads lead to Llanandras Park

Pristine Presteigne, scene of a remarkable 5-5 draw with Rhosgoch Rangers, the visitors equalising with a 97th minute free kick (Att:260)

How kind

The remarkable trailer stand at Hay St.Mary’s Forest Road ground. The Saints beating Talgarth Town 3-2 under lights (Att:317)

Trailer stand at Hay St.Mary’s

Nice stand at Tywyn/Bryncrug’s Cae Chware ground, the home side easy 4-0 victors over Bow Street (Att:267)

Best Southend Goalkeeper ever?

Calculated on number of League games played against goals conceded. Minimum of 30 League appearances to qualify.

1 NEIL FREEMAN 69 56 0.81
2 PADDY NASH 57 57 1.00
3 MERVYN CAWSTON 208 239 1.15
4 MELVYN CAPLETON 56 65 1.16
5 DARRYL FLAHAVAN 291 357 1.23
6 DEREK BELLOTTI 77 95 1.23
7 GLEN MORRIS 57 71 1.25
8 JOHN ROBERTS 47 59 1.26
9 JIM STANNARD 109 141 1.29
10 TREVOR ROBERTS 171 234 1.37
11 PAUL SANSOME 308 430 1.40
12 MALCOLM WEBSTER 96 137 1.43
13 STEVE MILDENHALL 78 112 1.44
14 MARTYN MARGETSON 32 46 1.44
15 JOE HALL 57 82 1.44
16 PETER GOY 118 171 1.45
17 TED HANKEY 125 187 1.50
18 SIMON ROYCE 149 225 1.51
19 TOMMY SCANNELL 98 149 1.52
20 JOHN KEELEY 63 97 1.54
21 GEORGE McKENZIE 120 187 1.56
22 BRIAN LLOYD 46 72 1.57
23 HARRY THREADGOLD 320 504 1.58
24 TOM CAPPER 78 123 1.58
25 IAN McKECHNIE 62 101 1.63
26 BILLY MOORE 285 469 1.65
27 BRIAN RONSON 30 50 1.67
28 BILLY HAYES 51 86 1.69
29 DAVE WHITELAW 92 156 1.70

Southend United Attendance figures

Southend’s £10m debt has been largely attributed to relegation from League One. Below are the aggregate and average attendances at home in the Football League. The most recent relegation has typically seen 2,000 less people through the Roots Hall turnstiles every game.

1920/21* FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 152,040 7,240
1921/22* FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 137,655 6,555
1922/23* FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 162,015 7,715
1923/24* FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 142,485 6,785
1924/25* FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 163,800 7,800
1925/26 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 155,967 7,427
1926/27 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 149,289 7,109
1927/28 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 128,688 6,128
1928/29 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 125,160 5,960
1929/30 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 143,241 6,821
1930/31 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 121,884 5,804
1931/32 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 167,706 7,986
1932/33 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 127,743 6,083
1933/34 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 123,186 5,866
1934/35 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 141,309 6,729
1935/36 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 152,943 7,283
1936/37 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 169,029 8,049
1937/38 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 152,859 7,279
1938/39 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 124,110 5,910
1946/47 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 203,490 9,690
1947/48 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 212,709 10,129
1948/49 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 220,500 10,500
1949/50 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 253,869 12,089
1950/51 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 238,326 10,362
1951/52 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 206,149 8,963
1952/53 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 200,031 8,697
1953/54 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 169,556 7,372
1954/55 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 179,745 7,815
1955/56 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 230,644 10,028
1956/57 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 S 202,308 8,796
1957/58 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  257,370 11,190
1958/59 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  258,267 11,229
1959/60 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  228,413 9,931
1960/61 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  186,461 8,107
1961/62 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  182,206 7,922
1962/63 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  229,494 9,978
1963/64 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  195,109 8,483
1964/65 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  164,611 7,157
1965/66 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  173,374 7,538
1966/67 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 184,782 8,034
1967/68 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 244,237 10,619
1968/69 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 242,857 10,559
1969/70 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 147,108 6,396
1970/71 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 147,407 6,409
1971/72 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 240,603 10,461
1972/73 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  168,567 7,329
1973/74 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  148,856 6,472
1974/75 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  161,391 7,017
1975/76 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 115,253 5,011
1976/77 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 126,730 5,510
1977/78 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 167,601 7,287
1978/79 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  152,030 6,610
1979/80 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  109,434 4,758
1980/81 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 140,185 6,095
1981/82 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  116,909 5,083
1982/83 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  81,167 3,529
1983/84 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  72,266 3,142
1984/85 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 44,364 1,929
1985/86 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 64,055 2,785
1986/87 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 84,778 3,686
1987/88 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  83,283 3,621
1988/89 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  85,077 3,699
1989/90 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.4 87,597 3,809
1990/91 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3  142,182 6,182
1991/92 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.2 154,759 6,729
1992/93 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.1 124,108 5,396
1993/94 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.1 140,415 6,105
1994/95 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.1 118,358 5,146
1995/96 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.1 135,654 5,898
1996/97 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.1 116,656 5,072
1997/98 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.2 95,404 4,148
1998/99 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 99,314 4,318
1999/00 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 95,166 4,138
2000/01 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 99,039 4,306
2001/02 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 91,587 3,982
2002/03 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 92,328 4,014
2003/04 FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIV.3 104,308 4,535
2004/05 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2 139,813 6,078
2005/06 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1 185,227 8,053
2006/07 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 230,512 10,022
2007/08 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1 187,981 8,173
2008/09 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1 180,550 7,850
2009/10 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1 177,611 7,722
2010/11 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2 121,402 5,278
2011/12 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2 137,993 6,000
  *Estimated attendances only    
   available for these seasons    

Southend United – Loan Players

Since the loaning of footballers between clubs was allowed in the Football League, Southend United have “borrowed” 121 players. The split has been Goalkeeper -11, Defenders – 33, Midfielders – 40, Forwards – 37. Interestingly only 13 of 121 loanees have subsequently been signed on contract (noted as *)

Season Number Loanees
1969/70 2 Maurice Kyle, Pat Wright
1970/71 3 John McMahon, Geoff Barker, Mick Harmston
1971/72 1 Bryan Myton
1972/73 2 Paul Matthews, Graham Norris
1973/74 3 Mervyn Cawston*, Terry Brisley, Ian McKenzie
1974/75 2 Alan Glover, Steve Harding
1975/76 0  
1976/77 0  
1977/78 1 John Burridge
1978/79 0  
1979/80 0  
1980/81 0  
1981/82 0  
1982/83 1 John Linford, Martin Thomas
1983/84 5 Les Cartwright, Gerry Peyton, Kevin Steggles, Phil Pritchard, Graham Wilkins
1984/85 1 Peter Ellis
1985/86 1 Gary Stebbing
1986/87 1 Danny Maddix
1987/88 2 Adrian Burrows, Lee Nogan
1988/89 0  
1989/90 2 Guy Butters, Mark Cooper
1990/91 1 Paul Moran
1991/92 0  
1992/93 1 Gary Parkinson
1993/94 4 Lee Nogan, Paul Harding, Joe Allon, Peter Beadle
1994/95 4 Jaime Forrester, Lee Chapman, Tony Battersby, Steve Harkness
1995/96 4 Ken Charlery, Anthony Barness, Andy Turner, Kenny Brown
1996/97 5 Paul Read, Ian Selley, Adem Poric, Mark Patterson, Adrian Clarke*
1997/98 5 Martin Allen, Neville Southall, Richard Jobson, Martin Aldridge, Mark Beard*
1998/99 7 Miguel De Souza, Kevin Rapley, Barry Hunter, Lee Hodges, Lars Unger, Chris Coyne, Mark Patterson
1999/00 2 Nigel Pepper, Steve Jones
2000/01 2 Andy Woodman, Steve Broad*
2001/02 2 Ian Selley, Brian Barry-Murphy
2002/03 6 Ian Selley, Tony Scully, Danny Marney, Dominic Foley, Ronnie Henry, Stephen Kelly
2003/04 0  
2004/05 4 Ryan Clarke, Alan McCormack, Darren Blewitt, Shane Westley
2005/06 1 Lee Bradbury*
2006/07 3 Alan McCormack*, Arnau Riera, Lloyd Sam
2007/08 8 Leon Clarke, Eric Odiambo, Anthony Grant*, Charlie Mulgrew, Hal Robson-Kanu, James Walker*, Kerrea Gilbert, Dean Morgan.
2008/09 12 Dan Harding, Jean-Francois Christophe*, Adam Federici, Lee Sawyer, Liam Feeney, Rob Milsom, Junior Stanislas, Hal Robson-Kanu, Theo Robinson, Dorian Dervite, Matt Heath, John White
2009/10 10 Lee Sawyer*, Jean-Yves Mvoto, George Friend, Roy O’Donovan, Pat Baldwin*, Jabo Ibhere, Scott Malone, Sean Morrison, Scott Vernon, Sanchez Watt
2010/11 6 Josh Simpson, Michael Timlin, Waide Fairhurst, Nathaniel Jarvis, Antonio German, Jack Midson
2011/12 6 Michael Timlin*, Luke Daniels, Jack Sampson, Cameron Belford, Lee Hills, Freddy Eastwood*

Southend-on-Sea CC v Southend United FC 20/20 Cricket Match Scorecard

Southchurch Park, Thursday August 2nd 2012                
Southend United FC beat Southend-on-Sea & EMT CC by 4 runs              
Southend-on-Sea & EMT CC         Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Extras
Tom Kenton c.Hall b.Martin 6   David Martin 2 0 4 1 2w
Richard Hawkins   b.Tomlin 22   Paul Sturrock 1 0 8 0 2w
Shaun Grant Retired   25   Alex Woodyard 2 0 7 0  
Aaron Irvine   c&b.Cresswell 10   Chris Barker 3 0 16 0 6b
Dave Bunce   run out 14   Ryan Hall 2 0 14 0  
Wayne Spear*   NOT OUT 24   Stephen Brogan 2 0 12 0 4w
Dave Enderby+   NOT OUT 2   Ryan Leonard 2 0 8 0 2lb,4w
Pat Kearney   Did not bat     Ryan Cresswell 2 0 11 1 4b
James Gilroy   Did not bat     Gavin Tomlin 2 0 18 1 3w,2b
Chris Hunt   Did not bat     Elliot Benyon 2 0 5 0  
Dean Johnson   Did not bat                
  Extras: NB:0 W:15 B:12 LB:2 29              
    Total (20 overs) 132-5              
Southend United FC         Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Extras
Paul Sturrock c.Kenton b.Johnson 6   Pat Kearney 2 0 9 0  
Ryan Hall Retired   27   Dean Johnson 2 0 17 1  
Elliot Benyon Retired   26   James Gilroy 2 0 10 0  
Neil Harris*+ Retired   28   Dave Bunce 2 0 19 0  
Gavin Tomlin   b.Hawkins 0   Aaron Irvine 2 0 8 0  
Ryan Cresswell c.Gilroy b.Kenton 7   Tom Kenton 2 0 10 1  
Stephen Brogan   run out 3   Richard Hawkins 2 0 21 1 2b
Chris Barker   NOT OUT 35   Shaun Grant 2 0 5 0 1b,1w
David Martin   run out 0   Wayne Spear 2 0 15 0  
Ryan Leonard   run out 0   Chris Hunt 1.5 0 18 0  
Alex Woodyard   Did not bat                
  Extras: NB:0 W:1 B:3 LB:0 4              
    Total (19.5 overs) 136-9              

Review of “Red Card Roy” by Roy McDonough and Bernie Friend


Normally I can take or leave footballers autobiographies most of them are bland recitals of existing careers sanitised by publishing houses and football clubs keen not to have anything to derogatory or controversial in print.


Then you get “Red Card Roy” the story of Roy McDonough, a player whose 20 plus year career spanned top flight spells with Birmingham and Chelsea down to the lower divisions with the likes of Southend United, Colchester and Exeter ending up in the non-league game with the likes of Heybridge Swifts. What sets Roy McDonough from an average footballer with a tale to tell is that his tale is worth telling, from the heartbreak of release from Birmingham as a youngster to a desperately lonely spell at Chelsea, Roy’s story is heart warming and evocative of an era where all night benders, untold female conquests and practical jokes were part and parcel of every football club in the land. Some of the tales recounted include the theft of Perry Groves’ pyjamas, a lass called “Fishy Mary” and drunken coach trips home from away games.


Then there is the red cards, 22 of them, 13 in the Football League both still a record in English football. You thought Cantona was the first exponent of a kung fu kick at a British Football Ground then you would be wrong, ask Tony Pulis, scythed in two by Super Roy just 7 minutes into an FA Cup tie. Why? Just for being Tony Pulis.


The great thing about this book is that Roy, like in his playing career, shies away from nothing and you get the lot, from his playing career, drink and disciplinary problems to personal and relationship break downs. Bernie Friend has done a truly outstanding job piecing together Roy’s rollercoaster career into one of the best footballer autobiographies of modern times. Highly recommended, however, please avoid if you are easily shocked!

Southend United’s pre-season tour of Madrid – Part 2

Rayo Vallecano, Sunday July 29th 2012

Kick off:7.15pm

Rayo Vallecano B 1 (Ruben 10)

Southend United 1 (Eastwood 17)

Another superb training facility in the middle of nowhere, Blues turned up with problems from the start. The coach was having hydraulic problems which meant for a while it looked like the kit could not be reached from the hold. That problem resolved it looked for a while that the game wouldn’t take place as the grass pitch that we were supposed to be using had no markings at all. Pitch 3, a dry looking Astroturf pitch, was offered as an alternative but Sturrock and the boys didn’t look keen on the idea. Finally pitch 4 was agreed, a modern 3G pitch with a small bleacher style seated stand which housed the Southend contingent and the locals. The crowd numbered 167 including the ubiquitous local with a megaphone who sang for the entire 90 minutes although strangely he was wearing a Cadiz scarf.

The row over the pitch delayed the kick off to 7.15pm but it was still 33 degrees when the game started, Blues reverting to 4-4-2. Blues had the opening chance with Prosser heading wide when a goal looked certain. Rayo came into the game with a spell of pressure, Smith flapped at a cross conceding a needless corner and then again showed a vampirical fear of crosses when the corner came over. Rayo pressured again and took the lead 10 minutes in when Ruben found the corner from 20 yards out with a powerful strike. Seven minutes later Blues were level, Hall took a free kick on the left flank Benyon headed goalwards and Bielsa could only parry the ball to his right side and Eastwood gratefully volleyed home from close range. A strange incident occurred in the 22 minute, Owusu thought he had been fouled and grabbed the ball, the ref awarded a free kick for handball. Owusu went down to the ground indicating he was injured and then walked off the pitch and out of the ground to take no further part in the match. David Martin had a good opportunity to put Southend 2-1 up but headed over when unmarked. The referee failed to spot a blatant foul on Coughlan which lead to vehement appeals for a penalty. The first half ended at 1-1 with the pick of the players being Elliot Benyon who toiled manfully upfront with Freddy playing just off him.

Only change at half time was Bentley on for Smith. The young keeper was called into action early on saving smartly from Suso and then Nanclares. Just after the hour Sturrock called on four of his subs, putting Cresswell up front with Tomlin. Five minutes later Mark Phillips came only to be booked within a minute for a deliberate handball when attacking a corner. Cresswell battled well upfront and had a couple of decent chances, he was booked however when his foot went high on a Rayo defender. Southend finished in the ascendancy and should have won the match, the lively Tomlin had a great chance on 83 minutes but headed straight at the keeper.

At the conclusion of the match the players asked for the fans to come onto the pitch for a tour photograph which was a nice touch. Megaphone man had the last laugh, however, gatecrashing the club photo. Fair play to him.


1.Bielsa (sub:13.Carlos 46) 2.Owusu (sub:12.Pepe 23) 3.Nacho 4.Gabri 5.Suso 6.Thiobane (sub:14.Mario 57) 7.Manquillo (sub:15.Nanclares 46) 8.Juanito (sub:16.Diego 46) 9.Nesa (sub:17.Valdivia 46) 10.Chevi © (sub:18.Alberto Oca 46) 11.Ruben (sub:19.Ranera 46)

Booking: Owusu (handball)


1.Smith (sub:13.Bentley 46) 2.Clohessy (sub:15.Straker 65) 3.Prosser 4.Leonard (sub:17.Ferdinand 65) 5.Coughlan (sub:12.Phillips 68)  6.Barker © 7.Hall 8.Brogan  (sub:16.Hurst 75) 9.Benyon (sub:14.Cresswell 65) 10.Eastwood (sub:18.Tomlin 65) 11.Martin

Unused sub:19.Harris

Bookings: Leonard (foul), Phillips (handball), Cresswell (foul)

Southend United’s pre-season tour to Madrid – Part 1

Ciudad del Real Madrid, Saturday July 28th 2012. Kick off: 10.00am

Real Madrid C 3

(Ramirez 43, Mariano pen 53, Burgui 76)                                               

Southend United 1

(Harris 3)

If there ever was an antithesis to their all powerful commercial juggernaut of their Santiago Bernabeu stadium (Real Madrid crisps anyone?) it has to be their quiet, secluded, and heavily guarded training camp, Ciudad del Real Madrid sited at Valdedebas in Northern Madrid quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Here they plot world domination with ten pitches all with spectator seating and floodlights. The B team, Castilla, has its own stadium (Estadio Alfredo di Stefano) on the complex which has 6,000 seats and a capacity of 20,000 (Only 350 people watched their friendly with Getafe B later on in the day).

A five Euro match ticket purchased (Real C v Southern United!) at the gatehouse allowed us to walk to pitch 7 where our game would take place, surveyed at all times by uniformed guards. I counted 55 Southend fans from a crowd of 101 at the start of the game. Blues started very well, playing 4-3-3, and opened the scoring after just 3 minutes when Gavin Tomlin found space down the right and crossed perfectly for Neil Harris to head home, Harris having stolen in unnoticed by Dani Suarez. Trialist goalkeeper Phil Smith flapped alarmingly at a corner six minutes later and Suarez, unmarked, should have done better with his header. Brogan and Cresswell also had headers that were just wide of the mark. Tempers flared momentarily in the heat of morning when Harris reacted angrily to a heavy challenge from Alvaro Lopez. Mr Martin turned up half way through the first half airport bag in hand having missed his original flight. Two minutes before half time the home side levelled when the referee gave a soft free kick from a non-existent foul from Phillips. Ramirez rocketed the free kick into Smith’s left hand corner, either the wall was incorrectly placed or it parted allowing the effort to go in. H/T 1-1

Blues were unchanged at half-time while the hosts made eight changes which seemed to benefit them as they took control of the game in the searing heat. Just seven minutes into the half Mariano evaded a Blues challenge and rounded Smith very easily, about to score Smith hooked his leg away and conceded the penalty. Mariano dispatched the spot kick easily with Smith going the wrong way. The same player then saw a header saved superbly by Smith. 68 minutes into the game Sturrock made 7 changes while Real subbed their remaining three players (two first half players returned to the fray). Blues went 3-1 down though when Burgui was put through and easily rounded Smith to score. Southend then looked like getting back into the game, Leonard took a quick free kick and Eastwood netted only for the referee to pull the game back as he wasn’t happy with the free kick. Moments later Llorente blatantly fouled Prosser in the penalty area but the ref waved away appeals for a spot kick. The final chance of the game fell to Ryan Hall who blazed narrowly wide on 88 minutes. There was a small report on the game in the national daily sports paper AS.


1.Ruben (sub:13.Jacob 46) 2. Carmona (sub:12.Joel 46) 3.Angel  (sub: 16.Nobeljas 46) 4.Marc Vales (sub: Burgui 46) 5.Dani Suarez (sub:15.  Llorente 46) 6. Alvaro Lopez © (sub:14. Molero 46) 7.Bruno (sub:6. Alvaro Lopez 68) 8.Muguel Herranz (sub:17.Kamal 46) 9.Aguza (sub: 10.Ramirez 68) 10.Ramirez (sub: 20.Mariano 46) 11.Belima (sub 19 Barril 68)


1.Smith 2.Clohessy (sub:17.Martin 68) 3.Straker (sub:15.Prosser 68)  4.Ferdinand 5.Cresswell (sub:12.Coughlan 68) 6.Phillips (sub:14.Barker 68) 7.Hurst (sub:19. Benyon 68) 8.Leonard 9.Harris © 10.Tomlin (sub: 18.Eastwood 68) 11.Brogan (sub:16.Hall 68)

Sub not used:13.Bentley 

Some of the Blues contingent took up the option to see Atletico Madrid take on Alianza Lima at the superb riverside Vicente Calderon stadium with a 9pm kick off. A crowd of 15,000 watched the home side win 3-0 and greatly admired the passionate support of the 3,000 Peruvians, crazy people!